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Trials of a Midlife Witch

The Bearsden Witch Series, Book Four

The fourth novel in the spellbinding Paranormal Women’s Fiction Urban Fantasy, The Bearsden Witch Series from author J.C. Yeamans. Join Gwynedd Crowther on her journey into magic, mystery, and love.

Some Review Comments about the Bearsden Witch Series.

“A woman in midlife dealing with tragedy and then thrown into the world of magic. This book has it all… drama, romance, chosen family, humor and so much more.” (Anon.)

I found this little gem while looking for something fun and not about young characters and crazy sex. Instead I got older characters and crazy sex! A fast fun read! Can’t wait for the second in the series!” (Anon.)

“Ms. Yeaman’s has brought her world to life and I love it. There is friendship, magic, monsters, and so much more.” (Larisa)

“Loved! Strong female character, magic, romance (Scotsman – need I say more), mystery with a great story arc.” (Anon.)

“I’ve read a couple of SFF books featuring older female protagonists lately, and this is one of my favorites. It reads like a paranormal mystery and also like a romance, with the magical elements being crucial to both of these threads.” (T.L. Ryder)