The Bearsden Witch Series: Update

Woman wearing black and purple striped stockings with lace and holding a purple witch hat.

My manuscript arrived from the editor today! I have a busy two weeks of rewrites ahead of me for Book One in The Bearsden Witch Series! This brings back memories of writing my freshman, English Composition class term paper on Satanism. The long days and nights, researching and typing about the Church of Satan and others who worshipped Lucifer, certainly felt like hell. But hey, I got an A!

I’d like to thank my wonderful college friend Maggie for helping me through the writing of that hellish term paper! We met in the University of Delaware Dickinson dorms, which were torn down and replaced by student apartments.

The City of Newark purchased the adjacent property with the Rodney dorms property from the University of Delaware and tore them down. The Hillside Park replaced the dorms to help with water drainage. Maggie and I lived in the Rodney dorms, too! Moldy, 90 degrees in the deep, cold of winter, and stifling hot in the late spring, the Rodney dorms had some dorm rooms called “closets,” because they had about the same square footage as a home walk-in closet. I lived in one of those!

Photo by Tamara Gak on Unsplash

Let’s talk about academic writing for a minute. I have YEARS of academic writing under my belt as well as developing educational curriculum. Sure, it helps to have that experience, but it’s so different from telling a story. And getting that story on paper for a reader to soak up and enjoy isn’t a small task. That’s where a good developmental editor, a copy/line editor, and proofreaders come in handy. I was lucky enough to have a skilled writer in my family to coach me along. Unfortunately for me, she also has a full-time job that is quite involved and time consuming. Finding good editors for my debut novel and reader magnet short story was the next step.

If you signed up for the newsletter already, the free short story Three Witches of Bearsden will be sent to you once it’s available. The short story should be available soon. It’s still in the editing process.

Don’t forget to check back in a couple of weeks for the reveal of the book cover and title of Book One in The Bearsden Witch Series! And follow the progress of the series on Reed Shore Press social media on Facebook and Instagram.

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