Our Book Imprints

Reed Shore Press has three book imprints. The Broomstick & Lace Imprint features paranormal women’s fiction and romance but may include other paranormal fiction in the future. The first book in the series of paranormal women’s fiction novels will launch in early 2022. The Dark Moebius Imprint offers a blend of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. Look for a debut novel in the next year. The Mnemo Spyne Imprint will highlight non-fiction works.

Broomstick & Lace Imprint

Broomstick & Lace houses novels for our adult paranormal fiction books related to witches, faeries, and other Celtic folklore. Book One in The Bearsden Witch Series by debut author J.C. Yeamans will launch in spring 2022.

Dark Moebius Imprint

Dark Moebius offers a blend of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror genres. This imprint will spotlight works by author Lindsay Esham. Lindsay is crafting a debut novel in this futuristic fantasy horror series.

Mnemo Spyne Imprint

Inspired by Mnemosyne, the Greek goddess of memory and mother to the Nine Muses, the Mnemo Spyne imprint has a mix of offerings inspired by the very same, including memoirs, poetry, and other musings and non-fiction work.