The Bearsden Witch Series

Coming December 18th: Trials of a Midlife Witch: Book Four in The Bearsden Witch Series

By J. C. Yeamans

Paranormal Women’s Fiction Urban Fantasy

Join Gwynedd Crowther on her journey into magic, mystery, and love.

Ancestral witch Gwynedd Crowther is struggling emotionally from the elimination of the Tuatha Dé Danann fairy Nuada, aka Dr. Nick Evans. Bearsden Police Detective Jack Schmidt investigates the assistant professor’s disappearance while unusual deaths occur. Although the authorities attribute the maulings to a loose cougar, Gwyn suspects something else. Still unsure about Dr. Seamus Duffy, she conducts a little investigation of her own

Meanwhile, a mysterious, frail young woman with amnesia is found wandering in the town. The Fellowship provides her with much needed support while she works to regain her memories. Cordelia Davenport, a past witch love appears at Shane’s storefront, bringing strange rituals with her. Will his former girlfriend fill his heart with love again or only cause him heartache?