The Bearsden Witch Series

Secrets of a Midlife Witch

A creepy, witchy Paranormal Women’s Fiction Urban Fantasy from author J.C. Yeamans!

Who knew one’s life was so full of secrets—a husband’s lies, a family history of witchcraft, a hidden coven, and supernatural beings, wreaking havoc in her town.

Middle-aged Gwynedd Crowther is taking her first graduate class after thirty years in the small college town of Bearsden, Delaware while working a monotonous, part-time insurance job. Recovering from her husband’s death, she’s sleep-deprived and dealing with menopause. She feels lucky to get out of bed in the morning and put on matching shoes.

She meets Scottish professor Dr. Archibald Cockburn and her already jumpy demeanor is tested to the max. He’s younger, easy on the eyes, and amiable. Soon after, she begins to experience unusual phenomena and the weirdest hot flashes ever.

Her best friend convinces her to join the local pagan group of community members and Zillennial graduate students to expand her social circle. When the murder of a local homeless man occurs, her strange experiences go into overdrive, making her question her reality. Are these experiences real? Is the murderer a serial killer? Or something more sinister and supernatural?

Secrets of a Midlife Witch is a paranormal women’s fiction/urban fantasy and Book One in The Bearsden Witch Series.